Heartbroken Robert Pattinson Could Be Getting Into a Dangerous New Relationship (VIDEO)

robert pattinsonOne of the newest, craziest scoops about the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal fallout: The Church of Scientology may be looking to seduce Robert Pattinson as their latest high-profile target, reports The National Enquirer. Admittedly, the story sounds like the product of some guys at the tabloid sitting around scratching their heads and thinking, "Gee, what's everyone curious about right now? Scientology and ... Robert Pattinson! Let's build a story around that!" But on the other hand, it may not be so far-fetched.

The Enquirer's sources say Scientology is seeking to welcome a hot new celeb into their fold as a way to smooth over negative Tom Cruise press. And "insiders" think Kirstie Alley -- a neighbor and friend of Rob's -- is helping the Church court RPattz to be that star. They claim an SUV registered to Alley was spotted leaving his property and heading directly to ... the Scientology Celebrity Centre in Hollywood! Nooo! Say it isn't so!


Of course the rest of the story is mere speculation, but just in case there's an sliver of truth to it, let's indulge for a sec ...

A source explains:

The Church of Scientology would love to have Rob in the fold. He's the ideal candidate for Scientology. The church believes that everyone has a situation they can help them with, and they prey on people in their weak moments. Since he's going through a bad breakup, it would be perfect timing for them to step in and 'help.'

Oh man. Given the "perfect timing," I actually wouldn't be surprised if they were going after him. Not only does he have a lot of money he could throw at the church, but I'm sure they're hoping his induction to the cult would give it a shiny new reputation. Frightening! The other thing about this that should turn our blood colder than a Cullen's is that Rob has always seemed like such a sensible, sweet bloke ... who just happened to enjoy acting and land a hot Hollywood career. It's a huge part of his appeal. What a total shame it would be if he were to go koo-koo Cruise-y on us!

We can only hope that he's grounded enough to keep him out of Scientology's clutches ... even while he's in this vulnerable post-breakup state. (And being that he's so tight with equally down-to-earth types like Reese Witherspoon is a good sign.) But if he does get sucked in ... we know exactly who is to blame! Damn you, KStew!

Would you be stunned to find out Rob was joining the Church of Scientology?

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