Miley Cyrus' Super Skinny Look Is Only Half the Story (PHOTO)

miley cyrusIt's hard to get a pic of Miley Cyrus fully dressed these days. Whether the 19-year-old mogul is out shopping in short shorts, wearing a sexy bra slash dress thing on the red carpet, or posing nude in a bathtub, she likes to show off her body. The latest piece of evidence that Miley prefers to be photographed half-dressed is her recent tweet. Her caption? My "Fiance" jeans. But for real though.

I have no idea what that means -- are they her fiance's jeans? are they pajama jeans? is that what she's walking down the aisle in, but for real though? -- but that's neither here nor there. What I do understand from the pic, however, is that Miley is thin. Is that a crime? No. But it may be something else.


Miley isn't obtuse, so I have to think she knows that posting a pic like this will get her attention for her weight. No one looks at that picture and fawns over her striped top or baggy "fiance jeans." People look at the pic and see a thin woman.

So if she knows what she's doing, then why is she doing it? Obviously it's for attention, but is it also a cry for help? Miley's dropped a lot of weight recently by going gluten free, dairy free, and upping her Pilates classes, but the photo will make people start to wonder if she's going too far.

I won't say she's too thin, but something does, in fact, feel unhealthy about the picture. It's her motivation to post it that has me concerned. Why does Miley want the conversation to center around her waist-line? Is it because she's proud of her hard work and feels great? Is it because she wants to be admired for being slight? Is it because she wants someone to speak up for her because she's not able to do so herself?

Lots of questions, not too many answers.

Why do you think Miley posted this photo?


Photo via MileyCyrus/Twitter

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