Kim Kardashian Adorns Her Best 'Assets' in Sparkly Sequins (PHOTOS)

Kim Kardashian

She's certainly not shy about flaunting what she's got, and judging from this photo Kim Kardashian tweeted of herself wearing a sequin gown, it's even more obvious that's she's proud of her ever-so-famous booty. She captioned the pic with the following message: "Finding my inner Sophia Loren. I love playing dress up!"

It's pretty hard to ignore how well those sparkly sequins make her best assets stand right out there for the world to see, proving that having curves is most definitely not a bad thing. I mean -- wow. Is that thing perfectly round or what?! (I'm sure she had no problem getting Kanye's approval in this little number.)


I'm lovin' the big hair she had going on for this photo shoot too, and also the heavy makeup. Yeah, yeah, I know -- less is more when it comes to cosmetics, but for this particular photo shoot, false eyelashes and gobs of eyeliner were necessary to put out the right vibe.

And the whole old Hollywood glamour thing really seems to suit Kim well, as you can see from these other two photos she tweeted from behind the scenes.

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian

Va-va-va-voom! She really ought to think about going for this sort of style while attending red carpet events, because she looks absolutely stunning. And now I wanna play dress up in a fancy sequin gown too. (But something tells me I wouldn't be able to fill out the back quite as well as Kim.)

What do you think of Kim's glamorous look?


Images via Twitter

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