Khloe Kardashian Would Make 'X Factor' Worth Watching

Khloe KardashianAs rumors surface again that Khloe Kardashian is pregnant, let's talk instead about something that IS our business -- her potential gig as a host on X Factor. Her name has been tossed about for awhile for a potential spot on the show, but today she spoke out and said she'd love the gig, which tells me she's probably going to get it.

She told E! that she's always wanted to do hosting of some sort. "To be on such a huge show like that with those judges, I would have so much fun doing that," she said.

And how much fun would it be to have her doing that?! In fact, I can't think of anyone more perfect for job.


No, she doesn't have a big musical background, but as host she doesn't really need to. What she does have is incredible wit, charisma, and a huge likability factor. She's cutting by kind; entertaining without being annoying; and she's hilarious. Plus, she could absolutely hold her own next to Simon Cowell. She's totally buttering him for the job too. She told E!:

I love Simon. I think he's amazing. I love personalities like that because I'm someone who is very straightforward and I tell it like it is. That's what he's doing. He just doesn't want to blow smoke up people's asses.

I have to say that since American Idol went downhill, and what seems like 50 million other singing competition shows have flooded our screens, I haven't been a loyal fan to any of them. If Khloe Kardashian hosts X Factor, however, I'd tune in for sure, as I'm sure plenty of other people would. 

It feels like a win-win here. Khloe would get her own gig, out the claustrophobic Kardashian web; X Factor would get a huge boost from her loyal fans; and loyal fans would get a kick ass host. Sounds like a good deal to me. And if she IS pregnant, well, bonus for us getting to watch her pregnancy progress on air.

Would you like to see Khloe Kardashian host X Factor?


Image via E! Online

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