A Beyonce Movie Is What the World’s Been Waiting For

beyonceWho run the world? Girls. Who's a girl? Beyonce. Good news if you're a Beyonce superfan like me -- word on the Internet is that she's shopping around a documentary about her life to movie execs in Hollywood. It'll be a mix of behind-the-scenes concert footage and personal interviews.

No doubt, this is the Beyonce news we've been waiting for. She and husband Jay-Z have led their lives, commendably so, in as much privacy as the world would allow, and now, NOW, it seems like we might get that peek behind the curtain that we've craved ever since Bey burst on the scene 15 years ago and told us how to get rid of a bugaboo.


Beyonce reportedly wants to not only star in the movie, obvs, but direct and produce it, as well. Whatever she touches turns to gold, so I say, yeah, give her full control and just watch the profits pour in.

The biographical pop star movies have been doing pretty well. There was Michael Jackson's This Is It, which, if you haven't seen, please rent it TONIGHT; Justin Bieber's Never Say Never, which, I will admit, was thoroughly entertaining; and now, Katy Perry's movie is out and doing pretty well at the box-office.

I hope Beyonce's movie will show some of her wedding, and I do love some tour bus goof sessions maybe more than I should, and some home videos of Blue Ivy would be famaze.

There's a lot we don't know about one of the world's biggest stars (to her credit) so I'm excited to learn more about the woman who not only taught me about them bugaboos, but about putting a ring on it, and how to find the good in goodbye. She's a genius.

Are you excited for a Beyonce movie, too?


Photo via beelover9481/Flickr

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