New Couple Katy Perry & John Mayer Were Destined to Hook Up

katy perry and john mayerAlthough it seems like Hollywood couples are breaking up left and right, it looks like we've got a new couple alert! No, we're not talking about silly Taylor Swift and her 50,000th boyfriend Conor Kennedy. It's Taylor's kind-of-ex John Mayer who appears to be moving on from Taylor, Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson, etc. with another celeb lady ... Katy Perry. Tongues are wagging that this just par for the course for John, who can't seem to stay away from famous women. Oh, yeah, and that Katy Perry is only hooking up with John as a rebound from ex-hubs Russell Brand. But I wouldn't jump to either conclusion so fast.

Actually, this may very well be a real celeb love connection! And I have concrete proof ...


The truth is ... John and Katy seem to be a match made in the stars!

Katy's love planet, Venus, is in Sagittarius, so that may be a major reason she's drawn to mouthy, fiery guys like Russell and John, whose moon is in the adventurous, free-spirited sign. Meanwhile, Katy's ascendant is in Libra -- the same as John's sun and Mercury -- so they clearly have similar outward dispositions and both crave balance. Then, you've got John's Mars in watery, "Home Life"-lovin' Cancer forms a harmonious angle to Katy's sun, Mercury, moon, and Saturn in watery, sexy Scorpio, which means these two most likely have a LOT of sexual compatibility. (Privacy-craving Katy just better hope his Sag moon doesn't inspire him to spout off about their sex life to the media, such as was the case with Jessica Simpson ...)

There's a chance this might just be a really hot hook-up ... or the sexual chemistry could translate to real, lasting sparks. For the time being, at least they're having fun. A source told People magazine:

I don't think either of them are trying for anything serious right now. She's not talking like he's 'The One.' ... She's comfortable around guys who understand the craziness of that world, which he definitely does.

See! WhatdidItellya?! Hey, whether its only fun and games or true love, I'd venture to guess they're both due for romance, so more power to 'em!

Do you think these two make a sexy match?

Image via SPW/Splash News

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