SWAT Team Shows Up at Miley Cyrus' House After Scary 911 Call

Miley CyrusLast night, the unthinkable happened, y'all. A SWAT team, a fire & rescue crew, and even helicopters surrounded Miley Cyrus' house because they believed someone was trying to kidnap her. (Who would want kidnap Miley Cyrus?)

Apparently a 911 call came in prompting police to freak the hell out and swarm Miley's house because they were told there was a kidnapping in process and that one person had been shot.


And if they weren't already in a bit of a panic mode, when they figured out the house in question was actually Miley's residence, I'm sure they were prepared for an all-out media crisis.

Thankfully, Miley wasn't at home when the incident occurred, and as it turns out, the whole kidnapping call was nothing but a hoax. It's being deemed a type of prank call called "swatting," where the caller's only goal is to get SWAT teams to "bust down the doors of innocent people."

Good grief! What is wrong with people? Haven't they ever heard the story of the "Boy Who Cried Wolf"?

But hoax or no hoax, this had to be pretty scary for Miley and probably served as a huge wake-up call to her and fiance Liam Hemsworth. Whoever made that call probably knew the home was Miley's, and that in itself is pretty darn frightening. Who's to say that someone else won't try a similar prank in the future, or possibly actually go after Miley for real? Hopefully she and Liam will have their guard up -- and I guess it's a good thing they have all those dogs at the house to protect them.

Why do you think someone would target Miley like this?


Image via Pacific Coast News

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