Robert Pattinson Wants to Know How Many Men Kristen Stewart Has Slept With -- Of Course!

Does anyone else feel like they're going through a horrible breakup right now? I'm so immersed in the Robsten Cheatgate scandal that I've actually begun to feel like this is MY breakup. Only, I'm not totally sure if I'm Rob or Kristen. Right now I kind of feel like I'm Kristen. And Rob, who moved out already, and who is now living with Reese Witherspoon of all people, is suddenly in my living room demanding, "How many men??!!!" Ugh, yes, we've reached the "How many men?!" portion of the saga. Just when I'm having my "pregnancy nightmare" too!


According to the upcoming issue of OK! magazine, Rob wants to know how many other dudes KStew has been with. He's getting all red-faced and angry, too. I see little tufts of smoke coming out of his ears. And he's balling up his fists and demanding, "How many men have you slept with, Kristen???!!! Tell me THE TRUTH!!!" It's kind of hot, actually. I've never seen Rob this passionate about anything. Rob, if only we'd had this kind of passion, I wouldn't have made out with Rupert!

But before we get to the make-up sex portion of the story (which will probably happen next week), let's talk about whether you should ever tell a guy how many men you've slept with.

The answer is ... drum roll, please ... NO. It's not any man's business how many men you've had sex with. After all, you can ask him how many women he's slept with. Go ahead. Ask him. HE'S LYING.

However, the whole Robsten scenario begs the question whether or not, if you've cheated, and going through the whole "You cheatuuurrrr!!!" thing, and then you're asked how many other men you cheated with ... wellz ... you probably should own up. Like say if Kristen cheated with Rupert Sanders, and Kellan Lutz, and Taylor Lautner, and Ashton Kutcher, and if she has a secret baby with Arnold Schwarzenegger, she should say something. Especially to me, because I'm totally confused right now and need to know how many men I've slept with.

This goes for anyone. If you're caught cheating with one guy and you really cheated with, say, 500, you should admit it. Because your sweetie might be willing to forgive one indiscretion -- but 500? That just says you have issues.

As for fessing up to how many men you slept with before you were in your relationship, that ain't no one's beeswax but your own. And if a guy keeps asking, and asking, and asking ... for the love of all that is vampire, shut up already, Rob!!! ... if he just keeps grilling you about it, then find another boyfriend, because this guy apparently wants a virgin.

Do you tell how many men you've slept with? Should KStew tell?

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