Ethel Kennedy Hearts Taylor Swift

Taylor SwiftIf you haven't heard by now, Taylor Swift, 22,  is dating a Kennedy. After a brief reported dalliance with Patrick Schwarzenegger, she and his cousin Conor Kennedy, 18, (son of Robert Kennedy Jr. and the late Mary Kennedy) are now an item

And apparently no one could be happier about the blossoming romance than the Kennedys. They are downright gushing about the singer, and welcoming her into their fold with open arms. Grandma Ethel Kennedy is particularly pleased. When she was asked today if Taylor would make a good Kennedy family member, she said: "We should be so lucky."

Wow, that's some high praise there from the Kennedy matriarch, but really why not? Taylor is one of the most clean-cut stars out there today. She has nary a scandal to her name; she's gorgeous and talented; and her life is an open book. Who wouldn't want her as a grand-daughter-in-law? But Ethel denies she had anything to do with setting up the cute couple.


Today at the Television Critics Association summer tour in Beverly Hills while promoting the HBO documentary Ethel, she revealed how Taylor and Connor got to know one another.

Rory went to a concert of hers with her two little girls, and that's how that started.

Rory Kennedy, who is Conor's aunt, also gushed about Swift today saying, "She's a great friend of all of ours. We love her. She's awesome."

And the sickeningly sweet adoration goes both ways. According to E!, Rory said today that Swift has written a song about the Kennedys. "[S]he had read a ton of books about our family. She was inspired and wrote a song."

So their whole romance sounds like one big dream come true. I just hope Taylor's love fest with Connor is as strong as the one with his family. If not, you know there's gonna be another song before long.

Do you think Taylor Swift would make a good Kennedy?


Image via oouinouin/Flickr 

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