Ryan Lochte's Bad Relationship Habits Put an End to Our Olympic Crush (VIDEO)

ryan lochteMichael Phelps who??? These summer 2012 Olympics have been all about Ryan Lochte. You need only watch a few minutes of men's swimming to fall head over heels for the almost-28-year-old. But I have kinda bummer-ific news: The guy isn't the dreamboat he seems to be ...

Lochte's mom, Ike Lochte, spilled to TODAY.com that her son's "not able to give fully to a relationship because he's always on the go." Okay, sure, he is an Olympic athlete after all, so that makes sense. But wait, get this: Mrs. Lochte goes on to say Ryan "goes out on one-night stands." Whaaaaat?! Hello, unexpected attack of RED FLAGS!


As hot as this guy is, I am so turned off by this. Any woman should be! For one, why is his mommy speaking for him?! Any grown-ass man who needs his mother to speak to his love life might be a liiiittle too co-dependent for comfort.

Furthermore, why is Ryan telling his mom about his one-night stands?!? Who does that? (Would you want your guy doing that?!) "Yo, Ma. So after I got my gold medal in the 400 medley, this hot gymnast from Switzerland and I went up to the top of the London Eye and ..." Ewwww!

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Last, but certainly not least, the excuse that a guy is "too busy," "on the go," etc. for a real relationship should always stop a lady dead in her swooning tracks. Oh, sure, it could be true ... and that would be a problem, because who wants to be with a guy who can't prioritize his partnership? And if it's not true ... well, then it's probably a big fat commitaphobic excuse!

What a shame. He was totally my Olympic crush for a whole five days! But I've learned before that whether you're talkin' pro-swimmer fantasy or real-life potential BF, you can't let gold medal-worthy good looks blind you from seeing some seriously freaky red flags!

What are red flags you've discovered when falling for a seemingly perfect guy?

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