Robert Pattinson Fans' Plan for Revenge on Kristen Stewart Will Never Work

Robert PattinsonIn the wake of the Kristen Stewart cheating scandal, die-hard Robert Pattinson fans are making it very clear whose side they're on -- and they definitely aren't backing down. RPattz lovers are supposedly being pretty vocal about how irate they are over Kristen's behavior -- even going so far as to threaten boycotting any Kristen Stewart films from here on out.

One source even deemed her to be the "most hated woman in Hollywood," and said it was going to be next to impossible for her to recover from the aftermath of this scandal. And while she has her own loyal fan base who will no doubt stick behind her during this difficult time, Robert Pattinson fans are definitely a force to be reckoned with.


Plenty of people are feeling pretty bad for him right now, especially since he's pretty much disappeared from the radar since Kristen's affair with Rupert Sanders was revealed. Laying low the way he is only proves that he's been deeply affected by what happened, so he must have had some pretty strong feelings for her.

But even though it's cool that his fans are banding together to let him know they're definitely on Team Edward right now, saying that they are going to boycott all of Kristen's movies seems a little bit on the extreme side. In case they're forgetting, she's kind of a major player in Breaking Dawn Part 2, and if they stick to their guns on refusing to see her films, then they'll also be hurting Robert Pattinson in the process. And he's going to need more support than ever as we get closer and closer to the premiere of the film in November -- and fans are just going to have to tolerate Kristen if they want to stand by his side.

(I know, I know -- there's no way in hell any Twihard will refuse to see this film, so I'm sure he has nothing to worry about.)

Will you stop seeing Kristen's movies because she cheated on Rob?


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