'Real Housewives' Stars Melissa Gorga & Teresa Giudice's Truce Takes a Nasty Turn

melissa gorga, teresa giudice

Just as sure as water is wet, the women of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are at war again. Sunday night's episode almost fooled fans into thinking that Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga had finally formed a truce. Well, we've learned that lasted all of five minutes.

The Gorgas and the Giudices were all cozied up in a camper during a road trip to Napa Valley -- the women comparing breast implants and the guys cracking wise and making dirty jokes. For a minute, I actually thought that maybe the petty squabbles are coming to an end. Not in this lifetime. Melissa recently dished about what is really going on between her and her sister-in-law


During the show, Melissa claimed they had a "relationship breakthrough" after she suggested Teresa re-evaluate how she treats family members. “In the episode, we’re really trying,” Gorga told Celebuzz. “If you look me in the eyes and say, ‘Let’s be a family,’ that is all it takes. I’m easy if you apologize and mean it.”

Well, before the episode even aired, the family rift was back on. “Our relationship gets bumpy again, but I never throw the first punch,” Gorga said. “I’m not going to lie and sugarcoat it -- it’s not perfect ... We try. It’s family. I wish it were better.”

Geez. These women will never move past their silly spats, will they? Not that I really want them to. Isn't that what makes this guilty pleasure so worth the hour it sucks from your life each week. Besides, this catty, spiteful, self-absorbed bunch make the rest of us look like the most sane, well adjusted people on earth.

Do you think Teresa and Melissa will ever get along? Who do you think is more at fault?

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