John Mayer Looks Like a Homeless Johnny Depp in ‘Queen of California’ But He's Still Hot (VIDEO)

John MayerIt feels like absolutely forever since we've seen a legitimate video from John Mayer. Good news my fellow Mayer fans (are there any of you out there?!): the man is back in all of his long-haired, hat-wearing glory. Out with a new video today for his song "Queen of California." It's the second video for a song off of his latest album, Born and Raised.

Does the video do anything for me? Meh, not really. In it, does Mayer look like Johnny Depp's long-lost brother? Yes, definitely, yes. The biggest question of all, though: does me liking him despite these things make me some sort of a loser? Heh. I don't even care.

Deuces, haters. Watch the new video for "Queen of California" here:



I've always been a Mayer fan. Maybe I'm a little biased, considering he and I grew up in neighboring Connecticut towns. I just don't think anyone can argue with the fact that he's crazy talented. Shoot, did you listen to Continuum!? That album was bonkers. Bananas. Gave me the damn chills every day for the three months I listened to it, straight that is. The John Mayer Trio? I die! Mayer's explosive guitar skills are some of the best of his time. El fin.

... this video though, not the best. What's happening here? Where's John walking to? Is he homeless? So many different seasons. I'm cold watching the snow. I don't want to be cold, it's 80 degrees outside my window.

Alas, Mayer is back, and I'm just plain happy. Now if only he would actually follow through with some sort of tour and overcome this vocal cord business. That would make me a happy camper.

Are you a John Mayer fan? What do you think of "Queen of California"?


Image via johnmayerVEVO/YouTube

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