Brandi Glanville Comes to Kristen Stewart's Defense for All the Wrong Reasons

brandi glanvilleOh, celebrities who comment on other celebrities. How I love/hate thee. On one hand, the hand that loves me some good celeb goss, it's kind of/sort of/not really fascinating to hear what a famous person has to say about another famous person. On the other, it's, like, the oldest publicity stunt in the book. Like, we know what you're doing .... (but, yes, we'll still listen).

Such is the case with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Brandi Glanville, and her unsolicited comments about the whole Kristen Stewart/Rupert Sanders/Robert Pattinson debacle.

You know you wanna know what she said ...


Glanville, who, if you'll recall was the victim of a bout of home-wrecking herself, took to Twitter to voice her opinions on cheating, writing:

“F**k people I have always said it take to and a man can’t be stolen he has to want to leave,” and “Home-wreckers come in PAIRS now F**K OFF.”

Now, I think what she was trying to say here was that Rupert should be getting as much of a beating as Kristen -- if not more -- since he was married with kids. And you know what? Maybe she's right! But you know what? That's not what we're focusing on here! We're talking celeb on celeb action, and how we (I) are for it/against it.

Any time somebody famous is experiencing a lag in face time, the best way to get some is to comment on the scandal du jour. It's kind of gross, but at the same time, it is kind of entertaining. And it makes them a little more human. It's, like, "Hey! I was reading about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson scandal too! The magazine doesn't lie -- you really are just like us! Twins!"

Do you think Brandi was just trying to get some face time with her comments?


Image via Bravo

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