Kim Kardashian Goes Makeup Free & Looks Better Than Ever (VIDEO)

kim kardashianKim Kardashian lost 25 pounds in a matter of hours. The reality star who's been dating Kanye West was spotted at a Beverly Hills nail salon looking lighter than ever but she didn't go on a starvation diet or get lipo -- she lost all that extra poundage when she washed her face. I mean, the way Kim spackles on her makeup, she puts on tens of pounds of the stuff in one sitting, right? The 31-year-old celebutante was photographed makeup-free, and darn, does she look good. So good, in fact, that I think she looks 10 years younger without all that foundation and powder covering up her natural beauty.

Kim wasn't the only celeb captured without makeup recently --- Mary-Kate Olsen was snapped at the airport looking like a very tired homeless person with excellent taste in shoes.


I kid. Mostly. MK looks a little rough around the edges, but who doesn't when they're flying? I'm lucky if I retrieve my shoes from the security conveyor belt let alone rock the hell out of some leopard print loafers. MK seems like she could use a nap, but no doubt she's headed to the terminal with a Starbucks to get her 20 espressos in a trenta cup.

Even though we've seen Ashley Olsen without makeup before (same thing as seeing MK, right?) and Kim's been photographed a bunch looking fresh-faced, it's always surprising to see celebs without an ounce of their super expensive, super exclusive cosmetics on.

I quite prefer the more natural look, and I know Kanye does, too. Since going makeup free saves Kim time and money, and it improves her looks, maybe she'll listen to Kanye and me when we ask her to go bare-faced more often.

Same with Mary-Kate. Mostly.

Do you think Kim looks better makeup-free?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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