Kristen Stewart May Have Cheated Too Long to Be Forgiven

Kristen Stewart cheatingThe affair between Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders may be much more than what it seems. Her brother-in-law, Leopold Ross, the brother of Liberty Ross (Sanders' wife), says the affair may have been going on for months.

Robert Pattinson has already moved out of the home he shared with Stewart and my guess is the breakup is imminent if it hasn't already happened. So does it really matter if it was, as Sanders would have us believe, a momentary indiscretion or an ongoing affair? Heck yes, it does!

Here's the thing: A momentary indiscretion can be forgiven. Months of an "affair" really can't.


If you're in an unmarried relationship, especially one in which there are no children, there is no reason to cheat. Just leave! It's so obvious. So, yes, it matters how long an affair it was.

A one-night stand could be explained away by mood, amount of liquor consumed, and emotional state. But an affair can't.

An affair takes planning and willful lying. It takes deception and subterfuge. It's a crappy thing to do to someone you love, period and end of story.

If my husband had a one-night stand, I would be furious. I would be hurt. I would probably throw things and scream at him and maybe even take the kids and go to my parents' for a week. But I wouldn't necessarily end the marriage (assuming he was sorry and full of ways to make things better). But an affair might be.

If I were Pattinson, though, I'd be done. They've only been together a couple of years. They are super young and not married. If she is cheating now, what happens later when they ARE married and they have a lot of stress? Then what?

I say run for the hills Robert. A long-term affair is a horrible sign of her commitment and love. So long, KStew.

Do you think it makes a difference how long an affair went on?


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