Robert Pattinson Was Ready to Propose Before Cheating Scandal? GASP!

 Robert Pattinson Kristen StewartPeople are so into the Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson story, clamoring for any new tidbit of information, that it's getting hard to separate the fact from the fiction from the who cares? Every day there seems to be a new revelation in the story, simply because people want there to be. Today the Daily Mail is reporting that a source told a source who told another source that Rob was just weeks away from proposing marriage to his girlfriend of three thereabouts years.


Let's say it's true. This would not be a shocker. They've been dating "exclusively" for three years so it's about time they take it to the next level, especially with the way we know Rob feels about Kristen, with her making him feel like no one else ever has. With or without this potentially fake source it was probably on his mind anyway. I'm sure he's thinking it about it now, as well, as it pertains to whether he's going to choose a future with or without Kristen.

Spreading stories like this, true or not, only serves one purpose -- to make us more sad for Rob and more angry at Kristen for doing this to him. It keeps the curiosity fires burning so we crave to learn the next salacious detail day after day.

The true story of what is happening with Rob and Kristen right now is probably a lot more boring. They are not talking. Rob has moved out and is thinking. Kristen is thinking and waiting. Three years is a long time to spend with someone to make a knee-jerk emotional decision about the fate of your relationship.

If Rob is the kind of guy who would wait three years to consider marriage, which is a good and decent amount of time in this day and age to get to know someone inside and out, then he's hopefully going to give a rightful amount of cafeful consideration to the present situation.

As much as we are all dying for the big resolution here, we should be prepared to wait a while, try our hardest to find something else to latch on to for a while. Hey, the Olympics?

Do you check the gossip sites daily for any word about the fate of Robsten?

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