Katie Holmes Does the Unprecedented & Makes the Paparazzi's Day

Katie HolmesLast night Katie Holmes left her apartment and went on a dinner date with a mystery man in Greenwich Village and you better believe this is BIG NEWS. Not because of who she was with (didn't seem to be anyone talk-worthy, from their casual nature probably was just a friend) or even what she wore (a simple green maxi dress, black leather jacket and hair pulled back into a pony). Rather, this story is making headline news this morning because Katie just seemed to be ... so ... darn ... happy. Look at her, she's actually head up -- and smiling!

So happy, you will never guess what she did to the paparazzi.


She actually talked to them. Get a load of this groundbreaking exchange between Holmes and a reporter from TMZ who was stalking her around New York City as usual ...

"Katie how was dinner?"

"Great, thank you."

And she even smiled when she said it. I know!

Then the TMZ reporter goes on to try to kiss ass some more, telling Holmes how amazing she looks, is it because of all those Spin classes?, and how it's so nice to see her smile (even though it was one of those polite, straining through your teeth smiles you give annoying people when you just want them to go away).

After the interview, Holmes and her guy and gal friend hop in a cab and speed off, probably to go home and watch the end of that very confusing opening ceremony of the Olympics. She and her friends were probably making fun of the dumb paparazzi on their way home, wishing they would just get a life, for pete's sakes, what kind of story are they going to get out of me coming out of a restaurant with some friends?

Oh, Katie, now that the sun is shining on you again you have no idea how far that warmth extends. The headline this morning read:

Katie Holmes SPEAKS!!!!!

Note the FIVE exclamation points. Happy, happy day.

Do you like seeing stories about Katie simply being "happy" or enough already?


Image via Splash News

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