Robert Pattinson Wanting to Talk With Rupert Sanders Is a Positive Sign

Robert PattinsonLet's say the tables were reversed and it was Robert Pattinson who cheated on Kristen Stewart. Do you think a hurt and betrayed Kristen would be demanding a sit-down with the "other woman" to find out what exactly went on between the two? My guess is no -- that's not how women typically operate. For women, it's the overall emotion and connection that tends to be the most troubling part of discovering your partner has cheated. Some women may not even want to know the play-by-play because that would make it all the more painful. But for men, lots of times, it's all in the details. Namely, the degree of physical contact and sex.


RadarOnline is reporting that Robert Pattinson wants to have a "man to man chat" wiith married director Rupert Sanders to find out exactly what he did with Kristen and how many times before he can make a decision of whether the relationship is worth saving. It's obvious that Robert's trust in Kristen is totally shattered if he doesn't feel he can get the straight answers from her directly. He has to go to the man she cheated on him with instead!

As uncomfortable and awkward as this might be for Stewart, if she wants to reconcile with Rob she has to let this happen. Even push for it. The fact that Rob even wants to talk with Sanders is a good sign that he hasn't given up on the relationship yet, that he's still in the "fact-finding" mode he needs to be in before he can make a decision. Judging by how forthright Sanders has been after the fallout, hopefully he will give Rob the answers he needs so that everyone can move on, wherever that is.

Would you want to know every detail of your partner's indiscretion or would that just hurt more?

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