10 Fantastic Vampire, Zombie & Alien T-Shirts for Supernatural-Loving Ladies

Sheri Reed | Aug 1, 2012 Celebrities

zombie tshirtSome ladies love vampires. We know that. But some ladies also love aliens and zombies and werewolves (and sometimes fairies too, but let's save dragons for another day).

For these ladies, what better way to express their supernatural-lovin' with the world than by putting it out there on cute and girly T-shirt like this pink hearts and zombies number on the left. So cuuuuute. Those grisly eyeball oozing fang-faced shirts the guys are often wearing leave much to be desired, but we've found a number of tees that share the softer side of vamps, zombies, and more.

Take a look at these 10 adorable tees she-vamps, zomboys, and were-women will love.

Image via Spread Shirt

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