'True Blood' Preview: That Crazy Drunken Orgy Went Straight to Bill's Head (VIDEO)

eric bill salomeRussell Edgington wearing Mardi Gras beads? From the looks of this preview clip for tonight's episode of True Blood, "Somebody That I Used to Know," that "sacred" V-trip last week was even crazier than it seemed. Debauchery much? Bill, Salome, Nora, Steve & Co. managed to show Bourbon Street a thing or two, and that's saying a lot. BUT! Apparently a certain viking vampire who seems to have a higher tolerance for intoxicants sobered up before everybody else ...


Of course. I mean, Eric is the smartest, hottest, most fabulous vampire ever, so of course he's not gonna buy into the same V-fueled fantasy as, say, BILL. Who is quite certain that "Lilith" really did "appear" to them in that blood-soaked bar. Just watch:

Uh-oh. Bill drank every last drop of that Kool-Aid, didn't he? Rumor has it he might even go full-tilt Sanguinista. And if he does, what will that mean for Sookie?! Especially if she succeeds in shedding her faerie powers and de-volving into a plain old boring old human.

Do you think Bill is going to join the Sanguinistas?


Image via trueblood/YouTube

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