Robert Pattinson Can Finally Ditch His 'Twilight' Baggage Thanks to Kristen Stewart (VIDEO)

Kristen StewartNo one seems to be able to get over the fact that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, but honestly, making out with Rupert Sanders behind Rob's back may be the best thing Kristen Stewart ever did. Well, for their respective careers, that is.

Hold on -- hear me out before you go and get all bent out of shape. Whenever you hear either the name Kristen Stewart or Robert Pattinson, what is the first thing that pops into your mind? Let me guess -- either Bella & Edward's eternal Twilight love story, or when you hear one name, you immediately think of the other. Am I right?


For the past few years, neither of these two has really existed without the other, and honestly, it's getting more than a little bit annoying. Sure, the whole "Robsten" thing was kind of cute at first, but once Breaking Dawn was done filming and Kristen & Rob started landing other movie roles, the downfall of both of their careers seemed like a given. Because starring in a series of films as iconic as the Twilight Saga and being a real-life couple made it next to impossible to separate these two on any level.

I remember watching Water for Elephants and feeling all uncomfortable and weird when Rob was smooching Reese Witherspoon, because he just looked so unnatural and out of place without Kristen. And by the same token, when I watched her take on the role of Joan Jett in Runaways, I kept waiting for Edward Cullen to swoop down out of a tree and carry her back to his vampire lair (or something like that).

But now that Kristen's cheating has been exposed and Robert has moved out of the home they shared together, it looks like a breakup is definitely imminent. And you know what? They'd better think twice before trying to salvage the last shred of their relationship, because the image of them being two separate individuals is exactly what needs to be imprinted (no Jacob pun intended, I swear) in fans' minds to start taking them both seriously as actors.

They've finally got a clean break from forever being branded as Bella & Edward, so they might as well take advantage and run with it.

Hear about Kristen's big apology to Rob in the video clip below. Maybe he should send her a big thank you instead of forgiveness?

Do you think this scandal will help or hurt Kristen's & Rob's careers?


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