Connie Britton in 'Nashville' Is Best Thing Since 'Friday Night Lights' (VIDEO)

connie brittonIt is a truth universally acknowledged that a Connie Britton in possession of a good script is in want of an Emmy nomination. The venerable TV and movie star stole every scene she was in in Friday Night Lights and American Horror Story, and now Connie's starring in the ABC drama Nashville along with Hayden Panettiere. In the three-minute trailer, we see Connie as a past-her-prime country singer who's struggling to find her niche among hot, young, ingenue talent. And yes, I'm already calling for her to collect that Emmy next spring.

My undying love for Connie aside, what looks to be the best part about this show is that it's everything Smash was going for but missed -- it gives us music, drama, and sex, but in a setting more relatable and less, well, boring than Broadway. Plus, Connie gets bitchy. (How I love when Tami Taylor tells it like it is!)


The only thing that's really keeping me from jumping 100 percent on the Nashville bandwagon is that, from what's visible in the trailer, there's no Buddy Garrity. How great would he have been as a record label exec?

All right, I know I need to realize that FNL is over and that not everything has to have a "clear eyes, full hearts" sheen to it, but still, it would be nice to see Buddy again, wouldn't it?

Nashville will air this fall on ABC, but if you wanna get a head start on the genre, do yourself a solid and rent that Gwyneth Paltrow, Leighton Meester flop Country Strong. It's got the same plot as Nashville, only it has one tenth the amount of soul in its two hours than Nashville does in this three minutes.

The other universally known truth is that Connie > Gwyneth, every day of the week.

Watch the Nashville trailer and tell me -- are you excited for this new series?


Photo via ABCNetwork/YouTube

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