Dramatic Reading of Kristen Stewart's Hater Comments Will Crack You Up (VIDEO)

dramatic readingIf it has the phrase "dramatic reading" in it, I'm clicking. So, such was the case of the "Dramatic Reading of Angry Internet Comments About Kristen Stewart's Cheating Scandal." I mean, obviously there's a dramatic reading of this. Have you seen some of the insane/hilarious/holy crap stuff that's out there right now in reaction to Robstengate 2012? I actually would have been shocked if there wasn't a dramatic reading.

And now we watch.


Not gonna lie, I tend to like a little more "dramatic" in my dramatic readings, but this was fun just the same. People really are genuinely pissed about this whole ordeal. People really hate Kristen. And people -- some people -- actually think that now that Robert Pattinson is on the market, they have a shot!

Look. I know that Twilight has some of the most die-hard fans out there, and it was so much fun watching Edward and Bella be in love and beautiful off-screen where they weren't so anemic-looking, but at the end of the day, they're just two celebrities. And celebrities break up. More often than non-celebrities do because they're much more attractive than any of us, so they have a lot more options. We're just going to have to deal. And we're just going to have to keep spreading cray all over the Internet in regards to this in hopes for yet another dramatic reading. Bye.

Check out another video about the cheating scandal:

How do you feel about Kristen cheating on Rob?

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