Kourtney Kardashian Is Horrified By What Mom Kris Jenner Wants to Do With Her Baby

Kourtney KardashianKris Jenner is getting major opposition on her latest money-making scheme. The momager wants to push newborn granddaughter Penelope into the spotlight, but her mom Kourtney Kardashian isn't having it.

Kourtney is furious with Kris after learning about the deals her mom was working on for the 2-week-old baby, according to Radaronline. Both she and baby daddy Scott Disick are saying enough is enough. "Scott stepped in and told Kris to back off, he actually told her they needed time to enjoy their baby before they share her with the world," a source told the site.


It seems, even before the delivery, Kris was hatching plans to pimp out the little cutie in typical Kardashian style. Adds the source,

Kris immediately started trying to make money off the baby, literally from the moment she was conceived! Kourtney was already getting annoyed during her pregnancy because her mom talked nonstop about branding girly things for the baby. 

The last straw was when Kris wanted to take photos of Penelope being born. No, not cute, newborn bassinet pics. I'm talking about in the delivery room -- umbilical cord and all. That was not a line Kourtney or her man was willing to cross -- thank God! Seriously, what’s Kris’s hurry? The child’s belly button probably hasn't even fallen off yet.

It's nice to see Kourtney putting parenting over a need for deeper pockets. That said, there are reports that she and Scott already have a deal in place to give a magazine the first pictures of Penelope. Aside from that, Kourtney apparently doesn't want to use her infant to make more money ... at least not yet.

Do you think Kris was out of line? Or is Kourtney just being stubborn and overprotective?


Image via E!

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