Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Must Kiss & Make Up for 'Breaking Dawn: Part 2' (VIDEO)

robert pattinson kristen stewartAlthough tempers are likely flared and embarrassment is probably running high in the wake of Kristen Stewart's cheating scandal, and Robert Pattinson has reportedly moved out, there's no turning back when it comes to one thing: Breaking Dawn: Part 2 is still on track for its sure to be huge November release. And there's definitely going to more than a little press on the flick, which means there's no question the (on-the-rocks? former?) couple will have to get back together -- at least physically -- to do effective PR for the flick.

Depending on what -- if anything! -- they're able to work out and resolve emotionally before then, spending so much time together doing the film's junkets and the premieres could make for several heart-wrenching weeks or a happy reunion. But we may never know for sure ...


That's because they may even have to fake getting back together to sell the flick. Gitesh Pandya, analyst of Box Office Guru tells Celebuzz:

This is all fiction, and people know that these are actors. Who knows -- they might kiss and make up come opening weekend and show the world how strong their ‘love’ is. Usually, co-stars who date are required to stay together until at least the DVD release.

Wow. Oh, how I just lurve fake and cynical Hollywood! Can you imagine? It's hard enough to see an ex in public, let alone work with them, let alone have to pretend everything's a-okay when the situation is anything but! Ugh. I'm all about them acting like grown-ups and professionals no matter what, but I can't decide if putting on a show for fans would make things more or less awkward on the red carpet, while posing for all those paparazzi shots together, or taking Qs from journalists while sitting side-by-side.

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But for Robsten both Rob and Kristen's sake, I certainly hope there are none of these Hollywood games being played behind-the-scenes. Breaking up is hard to enough as is!

In the meantime, here's the latest BD: 2 trailer -- shot during the couple's good old days! -- for your viewing pleasure ...

How do you think these two will handle Breaking Dawn: Part 2 publicity as a pair?


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