Of Course Kate Middleton Looks Amazing in an Ugly Shirt

kate middletonLeave it to Kate Middleton to look stylish in an Olympic-themed short-sleeved polo shirt. Duchess Catherine, along with Princes William and Harry, showed her support for the 2012 Summer Games yesterday by watching the passing of the torch outside of Buckingham Palace in an official Team Great Britain ambassador shirt, pair of skin-tight cobalt blue jeans, and her signature LK Bennett wedges.

Who looks like this in a polo shirt? I mean, seriously, this is ridiculous.


Polo shirtsss ... are one of those articles of clothing, in my opinion at least, that just don't look good on most. When I think of them, I think of traveling salesmen. I think of business conventions at Holiday Inns. I think of Best Buy workers. Typically, ladies -- and I know there are exceptions -- just can't rock them. Or their clothing counterpart, khakis.

But of course Kate looks amazing in one. Somehow, she manages to look polished, patriotic, and rich in this get-up. (Tell me she doesn't ooze wealth in this photo.) I mean, heels and a polo shirt? The hell? If I were only to hear a verbal description of this outfit, I would assume it would look heinous (heels and a polo shirt?!). But it's not. It's chic. Well, on Kate it's chic. Because that's how she does. 

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