Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Already Have Big Post-Scandal Plans (VIDEO)

robert pattinson kristen stewartWell, in the wake of this massive cheating scandal, Robert Pattinson is clearly not down to play nice with Kristen Stewart. He's moved out of the home they share, and who knows if/when he'll ever be back? But don't think either RPattz or KStew's going to have much time to cry themselves to sleep. Both will have to move on in a completely different way, thanks to their successful careers.

As luck would have it, both actors have projects lined up that begin shooting soon.


According to E!, Rob's gotta hit the road shortly to promote the August 16 release of his David Cronenberg-directed film Cosmopolis. Nothing like a hectic traveling schedule to keep your mind off a sad relationship situation. Here's hoping that his peeps keep him away from the magazine racks at the airports, because they're sure to be blaring news of the split.

And after that, Rob's set to star as a real-life U.S. Army interrogator who was instrumental in the capture of Saddam Hussein in Mission: Blacklist. There's no official word so far on when filming will commence; however, director Jean-Stephane Sauvaire was doing pre-production work in Iraq during Comic-Con, Rob told MTV News. So hopefully, as soon as he wraps his publicity tour for Cosmpolis, he can head out to get that flick underway and throw himself into his work. Poor guy ...

Meanwhile, it looks like Kristen will have her hands full with another project, as well. She's scheduled to star in a film she will also produce (her first time in that role). The movie -- about a young couple who leave L.A. after they make money selling a fake snuff film -- will be directed by Nick Cassevetes and possibly star Alex Pettyfer. Shooting is expected to begin in late summer or early fall.

Sounds like both are facing pretty packed schedules over the next few months. Perhaps anyone with their fingers crossed for a reconciliation will need to wait until they're reunited for Breaking Dawn: Part 2 promos ... In the meantime, hallelujah for distractions!

Here's a report on how devastated Rob's feelin' right about now ...

Are you looking forward to Rob's and Kristen's new projects?

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