Katie Holmes' Nervous Pre-Divorce Interview Showed a Woman on the Brink of a Breakup

katie holmes on cover of c magazineGeeze, is this the summer of crazy celeb breakups or what?! As you may recall, before Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson's surprising and very public split, we were totally engrossed with Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise's divorce (which may or may not have come as much of a surprise to you). Now, new details have emerged on that front, proving Katie must have had a master plan to break free of Tom ...

On June 27, just a day before the bombshell divorce was unleashed on the world, Katie was interviewed by C, a California lifestyle magazine. In retrospect, the senior editor has quite a few interesting observations about the Q&A ...


Kelsey McKinnon tells WWD:

Going back over the tapes, there were signs: Holmes was certainly very aware of herself, laying a couple cards on the table but never showing her whole hand. Most noticeably, the one name decisively absent from her lexicon: Tom Cruise. She never actually refers to him by name over pages and pages of transcription.

Oooh, tricky, Katie! And it gets better. Apparently, when McKinnon asked her if having Suri brought her and Tom closer together, Katie got flustered and replied, "I don't know. I mean ... I don't know. People have been having babies a long time."

Ha! All of this definitely confirms she was so over Tom for so long before their official split, and she probably really did plan that Mission: Impossible-style escape from the marriage. Granted, sometimes having a baby makes things even harder for a couple, so that could have been what Katie was thinking about. But I seriously believe there was always something fishy about this relationship (and even perhaps how Suri came into the picture), so I wouldn't be surprised if they were never really as close as they would have had us believe!

At any rate, this serves as solid proof that Katie was more than prepared to pull the plug on her marriage. No regrets! Thank goodness that's all over and done with now, and our beloved Joey Potter's movin' on!

Do you think Katie had an elaborate escape plan from her marriage to Tom?

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