Kristen Stewart May Have Done One Thing Right When She Cheated

kristen stewartAll together everyone, once more: AWWW, Poor Robert Pattinson! It seems like the whole world feels for this guy. Um, some of us more than others. I only hope Kristen had the lady-balls to tell him the bad news herself, in person, before the story of her kissy betrayal hit the tabloids.

And rumor has it she did -- backstage at the Teen Choice Awards! A source tells Page Six that "Rob and Kristen were having a long and intense conversation backstage, and he looked miserable, heartbroken and humiliated. She was pleading." Can you imagine! And then he has to go back out on stage and be his usual charming self. But if the story is true, Kristen was being an honorable girlfriend.


As painful as it would be for RPatz to find out his girl had stepped out on him, it'd way better hearing it from Kristen herself than from, say, her publicist. Or from her public apology via People Magazine. Never, ever let People Magazine deliver bad news for you!

So hopefully KStew took full responsibility for her actions and confronted Robert in person. It sounds horrible for both of them, actually. I'm sure Kristen must have felt terrible when (if?) she gave Rob the news. No one likes to break a heart! But it's the compassionate thing to do. Robert wants her to know how she made him feel. It's important for both of them -- and for their relationship, if they want to repair the damage.

I'm not thrilled that Kristen cheated on Robert. But if she fessed up in person I have to admit, I definitely admire that.

Would you rather get news that you'd been cheated on in person or some other way?


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