Kristen Stewart Wore Robert Pattinson’s Hat When She Cheated

rpatzHad the news never broke, most of us would've thought it was really cute that Kristen Stewart was photographed nine days ago wearing what looks to be Robert Pattinson's hat. But now? Ouch, it hurts. Us Weekly has a photo of KStew in RPattz's alleged L.A. Dodgers cap, driving around with her man-toy Rupert Sanders, looking for make-out spots. For shame!

This hat thing's gotta be like another punch in the balls to poor old RPattz. Kristen had a reminder of him on her head, and yet she was still able to push him so far out of her mind that she could hook up with her married director. Come on, KStew! We all thought you were better than that.


And Rupert, making out with Kristen as the RPattz relic literally shielded him from above ... not cool, man. That hat could've served as a memento of their wrongdoing, but neither of them cared to take any notice of it. Good thing there are the blogs, huh.

Reluctantly putting all their awful behavior aside, wearing Robert's hat is ignorant of cheating etiquette 101. When you sneak around, you gotta compartmentalize. (For the record, I've learned all of this from reality TV and the ilk, and haven't gleaned any knowledge on the subject from personal experience. Not that anyone cares. OK, good talk.)

You leave all your family tokens at home or in the glove compartment. Take off the wedding ring, put the picture frames that hold your dear family photos face down in the top drawer, and go to hotels and restaurants on the opposite side of town, if not an entirely different town altogether.

You do all that stuff so you don't rub salt in the wound of the person you're cheating on who will, by almost every count, eventually find out what you've been doing.

But KStew didn't even leave Robert that one little shred of dignity. Poor RPattz, this photo's really gotta be the icing on the fucking cake. Ouch.

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Photo via Splash News

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