Kristen Stewart's Scandalous Affair Doesn't Make Her a 'Homewrecker' (VIDEO)

kristen stewart heartbreaking robert pattinsonEver since news of Kristen Stewart's affair with Rupert Sanders broke, tongues have been wagging and heads have been shaking about the Twilight star not only cheating, but cheating with a married man. One story today went so far as to declare that now, not only is she Hollywood's highest paid actress, she's also its second most-famous homewrecker! The first is and always will be Angelina Jolie -- obviously. (Although, Jolie probably only gets the honor, because Liz Taylor -- who famously "stole" Eddie Fisher from Debbie Reynolds -- is no longer alive.)

But where are the headlines blaring about Sanders being a complete cad and homewrecker on his own accord? Last I heard, not one, but two people are involved in an affair!


Looking back at the Brangelina scandal, both parties were mature adults and thus equally responsible, but again, Angelina was painted The Evil Homewrecker -- out to steal Jen's man! In this case, though, doesn't it seem as though the balance is a bit tilted? As in, a 40-year-old married man and father should have had the maturity to put the brakes on an affair with a young, kinda sheltered 22-year-old girl who probably looked up to him as her director?

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I'm not saying that Sanders should take full responsibility for the pair's joint lapse in judgment, but Kristen definitely shouldn't have to shoulder the blame alone and be torn to shreds as some kind of lawless vixen out to shatter an innocent man's family life. And by the way, why aren't we more pissed at Sanders for "wrecking" the home Kristen shares with Robert Pattinson? They may not have children, but they still built a life together!

Sadly, it seems like the media aren't the only ones making Kristen out to be the cruel villainess here. Sanders's wife, Liberty Ross, was said to be making personal attacks on Kristen -- allegedly posting this naughty pic: A drunken Snow White with the caption, "Not so pretty or pure after all ..." I get that she's probably feeling more than a bit burned right now, but why not take out those emotions on your cheating husband?! Why do women always tend to go after "the other woman" much more viciously? I highly doubt, in most cases, that any woman is making a man cheat on his wife with her.

Something tells me this is just the beginning of this scandal. But hopefully, as we discuss it going forward, the knee-jerk, sexist, Scarlet Letter-like reactions could morph into a more adult conversation about the damage caused by both Kristen and Rupert.

Here's Chelsea Lately and crew ripping KStew (and noticebly not Rupert) for the affair ...

Does it bother you that Kristen is being painted a "homewrecker"? Why do you think it seems men get off the hook easier in situations like this?


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