Kristen Stewart Did Hysterical 'Twilight' Fans a Favor by Cheating on Rob (VIDEO)

Judging by fan reaction to KStewCheatGate, you could easily think that fans seem to believe that Kristen Stewart (an actress) and Robert Pattinson (an actor) are actually Bella (a fictional character) and Edward (a fictional character). I want to take a moment to quickly explain the difference between the two: In Twilight, Bella loves Edward so much that she chooses to become a vampire rather than not be with him in all ways.

In real life, Kristen Stewart (the human being) loves her boyfriend Rob Pattinson (the human being) but went ahead and had a fling with her Snow White and the Huntsman director Rupert Sanders anyway. See? The first is the way things work in the fantasy world. In the real world, some Twilight fans are getting their first lesson in a thing called life is not always fair.


I know that it sucks when not everything goes according to plan. It sucks when someone you love who seemed so GREAT does something AWFUL behind your back. But this is life. Some Twilight fans are either too young to have yet had their hearts broken ... or they have put all of their fantasies about the way relationships should be onto the fragile backs of two actors who play characters.

How else to explain a girl like Emma Clark, who made a video of such hysterical proportions that, watching it, you truly feel that Emma has lived her entire life in her bedroom, doing nothing but devouring Twilight paraphernalia? (Since Emma has done years of Twilight YouTube videos, this isn't too far off base.)

"I thought they were just making it up," Emma sobs hysterically into the camera. "I thought it wasn't real because I don't want it to be real." Hello, Emma, welcome to reality! This is the place where unfair crap happens. Where children are murdered. Where nuclear weapons sit in their silos, waiting to wipe us all out. Where bad things happen to good people.

When I first heard about Kristen's cheating -- whether it was an affair, or just kissing and flirting, who knows -- the first thing I thought was, Oh, the poor wife and kids. The second? This is a good thing for Twilight fans. It might be their first hint that life is not a vampire fairytale!

As for adult fans, I'm so tired of judgmental attitudes about people who are cheated on. The idea that the person who gets cheated on must have deserved it somehow or must have known about it somehow. Since fans surely wouldn't believe in a million years that Rob Pattinson is anything less than PERFECT, then maybe they will be a bit more sympathetic to regular people who find out their partner cheated.

So maybe Kristen did fans the world over a big favor. She just forced them to grow up. Like Emma just (hopefully) did.


Image via NuttyMadam3575/YouTube

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