Rob Pattinson's 5 Stages of Grief (As Expressed Through Silly Sayings on His T-Shirts)

Sheri Reed | Jul 26, 2012 Celebrities

complicated being rob tshirtOh, Rob Pattinson. He's sure been through the ringer and the press is really chewing up his personal life and spitting it out now. But whether Rob decides to stay with Kristen Stewart after her admitted indiscretions or to send her packing, it's only natural that he's going to go through some feeling stuff. Some grief, if you will. And we all know there are five critical stages when it comes to grief.

Rob's a casual kind of guy so we don't think he'll mind if we talk about these stages of his grief, as they might be expressed in silly T-shirt sayings. Makes perfect sense, right?


Image via Idakoos

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