Lindsay Lohan Car Crash Victims Need Their Own Support Group at This Point (VIDEO)

lindsay lohan carGuess what happened?! Wait, I'll give you a hint: Lindsay Lohan. Okay, okay, here's another one: Car. Wow, you guessed on the first try!  Lindsay Lohan had a car accident (allegedly)! Y'all are gooood at this game. It's almost as if you played it, like, 8 gazillion times already.

So, yeah. Lindsay Lohan was driving down Sunset Boulevard this afternoon in her black Porsche Panamera when she apparently maybe "tapped the back of a silver Mustang" that was stopped at a traffic light. Said a woman in the Mustang at the time: "We were sitting at a light and somebody hit us." At which point a male passenger reportedly got out of Lohan's car, "apologized and left his phone number" and then took off because, as he explained, the paparazzi were comin' round the mountain, if you know what I mean. Anyway, the Mustang sustained very "minor," "cosmetic" damage, so ... no harm, no foul, right?

Well, I don't know about that.


First of all, wasn't she prohibited from driving by the producers of Liz and Dick for insurance reasons ... when she had that big accident with the 18-wheeler? Hmmm. Maybe filming wrapped? (Check out the video below for more on that issue.)

Okay, let's think, instead, about the considerable trauma those people in that Mustang were forced to endure. Can you imagine being rear-ended ("tapped," whatever), turning around and seeing Lindsay Lohan behind the wheel of the offending vehicle?! How freaking surreal would that be?! Like falling down a Hollywood rabbit hole: Look, it's Lindsay in Blunderland! Or stepping through an enchanted wardrobe: It's the Chronicles of Lohania! (Okay, that one didn't work so well.) Anyway, point is, how will these people ever be able to distinguish between fantasy and reality again?!

I say there should be a support group established for anyone who's ever been in a car accident with a sloppy starlet. Call it: Lindsay Lohan and/or Amanda Bynes Crashed Into Me Anonymous.

Or, you know, Lohan and Bynes COULD STOP DRIVING CARS.

Are you surprised (HAHAHA) that Lindsay Lohan had another alleged fender bender?


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