Jennifer Lopez Debuts 'Goin' In' Video & Her Pants Steal the Show (WATCH)

Jennifer LopezTonight the video for Jennifer Lopez's club tune "Goin' In" featuring Flo Rida made its debut on MTV during, what else, but the "MTV First: Jennifer Lopez" special. While one would think her pink bedazzled lips may have been the biggest take away from the video, one would be wrong, as her drop-crotch harem pants stole the show ... and not in a good way.

Seriously, what is with her and those damn pants? The video starts out all bright and colorful, with J. Lo's body looking sick in some tight spandex and showing off her amazing abs. Then come the pants that ruin the whole thing. See them in action after the jump.


If this was just one unfortunate incident, that would be one thing, but it's not. She keeps wearing them.

She first debuted them on the American Idol finale in May where we were first blinded by them. Then she wore them earlier this month in Brazil where she found out that rain plus harem pants make for one baggy crotch. Now, they're immortalized in what would otherwise be a pretty enjoyable video. I'm sure they're supposed to go with the song in some way, but they don't "go" with anything.

They look good on almost no one -- not even J. Lo, and when you look THIS good in spandex, why would you even want to try? 

Jennifer Lopez

The rest of the video is ... vibrant. I can't make out any meaning between all the neon colors and fire hydrants spraying paint, but I don't get the sense I'm missing anything either. The best part is her moves -- she's 43 and can still bust them like nobody's business. We can only hope someone gave her some new pants for her birthday yesterday.

What do you think of J. Lo's new video? What about those pants?


Image via MTV

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