Kristen Stewart, Snooki & Other Stars Reading Nasty Tweets About Themselves Is Priceless (VIDEO)

kristen stewart reacting to mean tweetIn the '80s, love was a battlefield. Today, it's all about Twitter. There seems to be something about being able to hide behind a computer that makes it easier for people's claws to come out. No one thinks twice about ripping someone to shreds. And when it comes to celebrities? Oh, well, we all know that's a veritable free for all!

Jimmy Kimmel knows it, too, and in the past, has challenged stars to read some of the meanest tweets about themselves aloud. Now, he's done it again, and this time Katy Perry, Kristen Stewart, Justin Bieber, Dawson James Van Der Beek, and others all face the fact that tons of Twitter users are downright cruel. Obviously, hilarity ensues.

Check it out ...



Ha, love it! Can you believe Kristen Stewart's crude reaction to someone "liking her more when she was a boy"? Ouch! Oh, and the Katy Perry one? Poor thing just went through a tough divorce! BRUTAL! But the best part by far -- in addition to the Bieber tweet alone -- is that Kimmel broadcast the nasty naysayers' Twitter handles along with their vile tweets! Serves 'em right.

As amusing as this is, though, wonder if it actually gets Jimmy's message across that these mean-spirited tweets might actually cause celebs pain? Then again, when they're the ones being paid millions to star in vampire franchise films and bad reality TV or put out recycled pop music, I guess you can't feel that bad for them!

Which mean celeb tweet is your fave? Do you feel bad for them?

Image via JimmyKimmelLive/YouTube

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