'Glee' Sweethearts Brittany & Santana May Be Dunzo Come Season 4

Santana and Brittany from 'Glee'All of the Glee spoilers are starting to make me giddy. First, we heard that Sarah Jessica Parker is joining in on the fun come season 4. Then, it was all about what's next for Rachel and Finn. Now it's time to learn about what's happenin' with Brittany and Santana -- finally!

Brittana dish it out and it's hot. Seems that things for our favorite Cheerio duo may not be as spicy as they were last season, what with Santana going off to college and all. Heather Morris tells the Hollywood Reporter that her character Brittany is "stuck" and things for her and her lover are "not so super."

Oy. As much as I love 'em together, I've gotta admit -- this could be a good thing. Hear me out:


Not that I don't think that Brit REALLY loves Santana, but part of me thinks that she still has a lot of figuring out to do. After the whole Artie thing, I'm not really convinced that she's 100 percent team chica, if you know what I'm saying. With Santana off to college, Brit will finally have a chance to explore her emotions, and get to know what it is she really wants. If that is Santana, then good for them.

Of course if Brittana is approaching an end, that does leave room in the story line for some other juiciness. Who knows, maybe Sue will finally come out (a hunch I've had for ... oh ... ever). Maybe there will be a whole slew of more fantastic Adele covers. Perhaps each of 'em could find someone new (pun intended).

Ya never know with Glee. One thing's for sure though -- when it comes to these two sweethearts, you know it's going to be a wild ride.

What do you think about the potential Brittana split?


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