Kristen Stewart’s Red Hot Wardrobe Was a Sign She Wanted to Cheat

Kylie McConville | Jul 25, 2012 Celebrities

kristen stewartI'm a little torn on how I feel about Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattinson with 40-year-old Rupert Sanders. My heart says pity the damn girl, she confirmed the affair and issued a sad, sad public apology to Robbie less than 24 hours after rumors surfaced but my head knows better: It's screaming, Oooh girl, you stooooopid! I think we've been missing the big signs here people. The signs that scream, "Hey! I'm only 22! I want to live a little!" and Kristen's recent risque red carpet fashion choices were a major hint.

Twilight's leading lady has been killin' it at premieres lately. Kristen is becoming a woman and a super hot Hollywood star so it makes sense that her appearance would reflect as much. But I think between all that sexin' it up at movie screenings and A-list parties, ol' Rupert decided to sniff her out. Maybe Kristen liked the attention. Maybe it felt good. And you know what they say, throw a dog a bone and he comes back for more ...

I think the married director -- nearly twice her age -- saw Kristen's smoking hot body slip into all kinds of get-ups as they promoted the flick Snow White and the Huntsman and the two just fell into a mess quicker than they knew what was happening. Hell, it happens to me every time Ryan Gosling is on the television.

Now, while my heart breaks for Kristen and my head says Ha! Hollywood sucks!, hear what everyone has to say about the Affair Heard 'Round the World by watching a few Robsten videos ...

For more heartbreaking news, jump to the bottom of the videos to take a look at Kristen's five sizzlin' red carpet moments that could have sparked her faithful undoing.



Why do you think Kristen cheated on Rob?


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