Rupert Sanders Kissed Kristen Stewart Because She's Just Like His Wife (VIDEO)

liberty rossWe're hearing a lot about how "devastated" Kristen Stewart is over her fling (affair?) with director Rupert Sanders. But what about Sanders' wife, Liberty Ross? Who is she, and what, beyond those not-so-cryptic tweets, is she thinking about all of this?

Well she's definitely keeping mum. We haven't heard a peep from her since she deactivated her Twitter account. But as a former high-end fashion model, Liberty Ross once had her own public life before becoming the mother of two young children with Sanders. In fact, she has a small role in Snow White and the Huntsman: She plays the young Snow White's mother.

And that's a little detail that sure might explain Sanders', erhm, indiscretion with his young star.


Check out Liberty Ross's NSFW website showcasing her modeling career: Mrow! Her private life may be a mystery, but in print she was a certain kind of bad girl: Slinky, dark haired, pale-skinned, with that slightly-blitzed glower. Who does that remind me of? Ah yes, Kristen Stewart, of course.

But now Liberty is the pure, dutiful mum in white. Was Rupert trying to recapture the wild woman whose heart he won ten years ago? He's said of Kristen, "There's something very rebellious about her. She's very kind of wild and untamed ... She's got a great spirit." Who's to say Liberty isn't still untamed herself? Being a mother gives you certain responsibilities, sure. But I can't help feeling a little (A LOT) defensive on Liberty's behalf. I mean, come on. The girl's still got it. What the hell is Rupert looking for in Kristen that he can't already get from Liberty? An unused womb, I guess.

And if this is any indication, Liberty has one twisted sense of humor. Among the telling tweets was allegedly this naughty pic: A drunken Snow White with the caption, "Not so pretty or pure after all ..." Why Liberty, whatever could you mean by that?!? (Snow kidding -- good one.)

Let's not forget that Liberty may be a decade older than Kristen (who is about the same age as Liberty was when she married Rupert, hmm), but she's just 33 years old. NOT 50, for crying out loud. Hopefully she and Rupert can patch things back up. But if Rupert can't appreciate her spark, she'll surely find someone who can. "Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together." Right, Liberty?

Do you think Liberty will forgive Rupert for his fling with Kristen?


Image via HollywoodScoop

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