5 Things About Rupert Sanders, Kristen Stewart’s Alleged Man on the Side

rupert sandersRupert and wife, LibertyToday is not going to be a good day for Rupert Sanders. The 41-year-old director of Snow White and the Huntsmen is probably hiding somewhere under the covers because the rumors of his alleged affair with Kristen Stewart aren't slowing down. Us Weekly's supposedly got photos of them making out, and in perhaps the most telling move, his wife Liberty Ross either tweeted, "sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together" or just "wow" (there are conflicting reports). Then, she deleted her Twitter account altogether.

So, who is this man that KStew may have cheated with? If you're Robert Pattinson, avert your eyes, my man. If you're anyone else, enjoy.

  • He works. Rupert Sanders is an English film director based in Los Angeles. It looks like Snow White was his biggest project to date -- other than that, he's done some commercials and little-known TV series.
  • He's got a family. Yes, he's married, with kids. Rupert met his wife, model Liberty Ross, when she was still a student and they married when she 24. She's covered British Vogue and her brother is Oscar-winning composer Atticus Ross who won the statue for the Social Network soundtrack. Liberty and Rupert have two kids, 7-year-old daughter Skyla and 5-year-old son Tennyson, and live together in L.A. For now.
  • He's kinda smarmy. From what it sounds like, Rupert's make-out sessions with Kristen may have happened right behind his wife's back -- she was on the Snow White set a lot, since she played, wait for it, KStew's mother in the movie. Ouch.
  • He's possibly directing Snow White and the Huntsmen II. He hasn't confirmed, but man, that might be a little awkward if he, Kristen, and Liberty had to work together again.
  • He knows how to make a splash. Snow White was his first feature film, but Twilight fans, easily more pervasive than Snow White fans, will forever remember him as the man who broke up their beloved Robsten. Not many people knew Rupert's name until he was caught sucking face with Kristen, and as I type, I'm sure there's an angry mob of Twihards readying to descend on his home, out for blood.

Looking forward to more details about Rupert's relationship with Kristen, but in the meantime, is it too soon to order a Rupsten t-shirt?

What do you think of this oh so shocking and oh so salacious scandal?


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