Robert Pattinson Tells the Truth About Wedding Kristen Stewart

edward bella kissing weddingAny loyal Robert Pattinson and/or Kristen Stewart fan knows the couple has been rumored to be inching closer and closer to tying the knot. Recently, the gossip has reached a fever pitch, with copious tabloid covers carrying on and on about everything from "Rob's Marriage Proposal" to "Rob & Kristen's Wedding of the Year" to my favorite extreme example from OK! magazine: "IT'S BABY TIME!" As much as we may want to believe it, is even a sliver of this news true?!

Rob himself settled the score when he spoke recently with BlackBook magazine. In short: No, Robsten's not getting hitched ... yet.


The former vampire said:

There was a magazine, with these pictures, saying I was getting married. No one ever knows what is true or what isn't. Even my own mum called to ask me if it was true. It's not. At least, not yet.

Aww, I love how A.) he mentioned his "mum" (poor Mrs. Pattz!) and B.) he had to qualify the response with "At least, not yet." Of course that really does leave things quite open ended! Not yet could mean they could spring a wedding on us at any time! OMG!

But, no, in all seriousness ... I buy it. As in love as they are, these two crazy-famous kids don't seem like the type to be all Kim Kardashian about married. They're good-looking, young, have the world (or at least Hollywood) at their fingertips and one another. But they also come off as sooo laid back -- like they're not exactly in rush to do much other than churn out blockbusters ... or attend some indie group's rock concert. They've got plenty of time to marry!

But when they actually do say "I do," I also wouldn't put it past them to be able to pull off a wedding that's methodically planned down to the nth degree and is intensely private. As in, Rob's mum will be one of the first and only to know that it's true -- and we the public will be one of the last! As it should be!

Do you believe Rob and Kristen will wait a while to marry? What do you think their eventual wedding will be like?

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