Madonna Owes Colorado Shooting Victims an Apology for Tasteless On-Stage Move

madonna in concertThere's entertainment that has shock value, and then there's entertainment that is simply shocking with no value. And while Madonna used to be known for the former, it seems like she is increasingly testing the waters with the latter. 

Despite being warned by the police, the Queen of Megalomania Pop defied a ban and waved fake machine guns and pistols on stage at her show in Scotland on Saturday. Yup, a full day after the tragic mass shooting in a Colorado movie theater that left 12 dead and a total of 71 people sprayed with bullets. What on earth was Madge thinking?!


It's no wonder that many are up in arms (no pun intended) over the incident. Take Mothers Against Guns, who said the 53-year-old "should know better." Ya think?! A rep from the organization put it well when they told the Saturday Morning Herald:

Madonna and her dancers using replica guns was always in bad taste but given what happened in Colorado, it is even worse.

So, okay, maybe Madge didn't get the memo about Colorado. That has to be the only explanation here, right? No! In the wake of the astounded public response, Camp Madonna actually dug their heels in. A member of her tour staff told HuffPo:

Madonna would rather cancel her show than censor her art. Her entire career, she has fought against people telling her what she can and cannot do. She’s not about to start listening to them now.

Oh please!! Here we go again with the "Madonna vs. The World" crap. The woman may be a pop icon, but she's not exempt or above common decency. I'll give it to her that in the past, she's definitely been attacked unnecessarily for pushing sexual or political boundaries. But sorry, this time, it's actually not about that. It's about being a human being and showing respect for victims of a horrific event. Having a soul.

We all knew Madge could be selfish and crazy, but this takes the cake as being mind-blowingly insensitive and brainless. The woman owes the victims of the Aurora shooting nothing short of a major apology.

Do you think Madge's behavior is completely out of line?


Image via madonnafan_dusseldorf/Flickr

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