Jennifer Lopez’s Boy Toy Casper Smart Apparently Likes Peep Shows

Oh no, J.Lo, say it ain't so, you better go! Ahem. Now that my little poem is out of the way, what am I talking about? I'll tell you. Apparently Jennifer Lopez's boyfriend, dancer Casper Smart, was caught entering a peepshow. I say "apparently," but unless Casper has a twin, it does appear to be him that a paparazzo snapped ducking into an X-rated peepshow in New York. I mean, seriously? With J.Lo at home?

Casper wasn't headed into the sex toy shop portion of the establishment -- which would mean nothing except that he and J.Lo have some fun lovin' -- but the peepshow portion. You know, where nude women dance around in some kind of -- thing. Hey, I haven't been in one, okay?


Casper was also caught coming out of the peepshow adjusting his package. Eww, again?! So let's think of some scenarios where this might mean something other than what it looks like:

- Casper got lost.

- Casper was getting ideas for choreographing J.Lo's sexy dances.

- I can't think of anything else.

Look, I'm not saying going into a peepshow is wrong. Even if you have a girlfriend. But ... it's a bit seedy, isn't it? A bit shady? A bit ... gross? Some peepshows have live women, some movies. I don't know which type this peepshow was. But if it was live women, and Casper REALLY has to see a gyrating nude female, he could at least go to an upscale strip joint, where the women get paid well.

After his X-rated jaunt, Casper spent the night with the songstress at her 43rd birthday party at Cipriani. There is just something so romantic about your boyfriend watching a peepshow and then giving you a birthday present!

I'm not saying Jennifer should break up with him over this. Maybe she doesn't give a flying crap. And if he told her about it, well, okay then. But this combined with the other rumors about him ... I've just changed my mind about this guy. I think Jennifer deserves better.

Would you care if your man watched a peep show? What if he didn't tell you about it?


Image via Ana Kley/Flickr

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