Demi Moore 'Devastated' by Ashton & Mila Romance & Stop Blaming Her

Let's take a pop quiz. Your husband cheats on you -- perhaps numerous times. You still love him, but you decide, for the sake of your pride, sanity, and your children, to divorce him. Eight months later, you discover that he is dating another woman. And that woman happens to be someone he has been friends with for many years. A woman you knew as well. Do you a) feel devastated and betrayed, or b) shrug your shoulders, have no feeling about it whatsoever, and quickly move on? If you're Demi Moore, you're supposed to have no other option than B -- at least according to the geniuses on the Internet.


Rumors have abounded for months that Ashton Kutcher has been dating his "old pal" Mila Kunis. They've known each other for over a decade, having once been costars on That '70s Show. Predictably, both shot down the rumors -- especially Mila, who called them "absurd," and "crazy," and said, "We're friends, that's it!" Good thing Mila isn't running for president, because she has just been caught in what is known as a BIG FAT LIE.

Recently, Mila and Ashton were caught kissing on a balcony during a party for Ashton's new movie, Jobs, about the life of Steve Jobs. Didn't seem like a "friend" kiss either. And now Demi is said to be horribly wounded. Said a source to RadarOnline:

Seeing photos of him kissing another woman is too much for her to handle, it's like having her nose rubbed in it time and time again ... Each time Demi hears about Ashton and Mila it breaks her heart.

I've read a lot of comments on this story, from various media outlets, and most of them go like this (real) one:

I thought they were divorced? Why would she care who he is seeing now? Anyway, he was immature when she married him and 15 years younger.

Now we get to the crux of the matter. People have no sympathy for Demi because she married a younger man, and therefore should have "known better." As if Ashton didn't somehow realize he was marrying a woman older than himself.

Lots of women everywhere are involved with or marry younger men. In fact, in Hollywood, it's downright common. Courteney Cox, Jennifer Lopez, Kathy Griffin, Katie Couric, Sam Taylor-Wood. And yet Demi has gotten more hate about it than anyone. Maybe because it's Ashton? Because so many young women want him? Or is it because Demi looks 20 years younger than her age? What? Haters, enlighten us.

At any rate, no one seems to squawk when Alec Baldwin, 54, marries Hilaria Thomas, 28. Or Demi's ex, Bruce Willis, 57, marries Emma Heming, 34. That said, age difference has nothing to do with how long it takes a heart to heal. Those who think Demi should "get over it" have either never had their hearts broken, or they get over these things faster. Good for them. Not everyone is the same. Anyway, these are probably the same people who remain outraged that Jen Aniston was dumped by Brad Pitt -- seven years later!

Let Demi grieve. Let her feel betrayed. Let her have her own schedule of recovery. Just as, hopefully, you are allowed to have your own schedule when and if the day comes when someone rips your heart out.

How long does it take you to recover from heartbreak?

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