‘Hunger Games: Catching Fire’ Gets Great B-List Star to Play Johanna Mason

jena maloneIt's like Christmas morning, only the presents aren't wrapped and put under a tree, they're typed in text and put on the Internet. I mean, when a Hunger Games: Catching Fire cast member is revealed, it's like a little gift from a mysterious man in a red suit, no? The latest treat is that Jena Malone has been officially cast as Johanna Mason, the Quarter Quell participant in her late 20s who seems like a real bitch, until you understand her motivations. You may remember Jena from Into the Wild, but she'll always be that bratty teen in Stepmom to me. And hey, if she was able to convince me that she hated having Julia Roberts as a stepmom, who could hate Julia Roberts?! then I'm sure she'll do a brilliant job as moody Johanna.

And, guess what: there's one more present to open this morning ... a rumor is circulating about who's been cast as Beetee, and it's awesome.


Tony Shalhoub's name has been thrown around to play Beetee, one of the elder Quarter Quell tributes who's known for his amazing electronics skills. Tony wowed most of us with his portrayal of the eccentric and brilliant Adrian Monk in Monk, and Beetee, in my mind, isn't very different from that character. Both Beetee and Monk are slightly crazy but entirely genius -- casting Tony would be a fantastic choice.

Just so you're up-to-date with all the Hunger Games happenings, Sam Claflin has been cast as golden boy Finnick Odair, Amanda Plummer of Pulp Fiction is going to play Wiress, and Phillip Seymour Hoffman is going to be Plutarch Heavensbee.

You know what I like most about these castings? They're noooot quite A list. Sure P.S.H. and Tony Shalhoub are huge stars, but they're not the kinds of stars you go to the movies for. The Hunger Games roles are likely coveted by some of the biggest names in Hollywood, but I think it's a testament to Lionsgate that they're choosing the right person for each role, no matter how big or small their name. I'm sure it was tempting to cast a hot A lister to pay Finnick, but they went with a relative no name. And yeah, Jena Malone has been in some stuff, but she's no Emma Roberts.

Looking forward to what gifts we get next week as more actors sign on. Melissa Leo would, indeed, make a great Mags ...

What do you think of the Catching Fire casting job so far?


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