New Hunk on ‘Glee’ Could Mean the End for Rachel & Finn

Lea MicheleThis massively long Glee hiatus has given all of us gleeks a lot of time to think about things. Here I was, silly me, thinking that Rachel Berry was gonna take a backseat for season 4, but it looks like I'm seriously wrong. The news that episode 1 of Glee season 4 is called "The New Rachel" was our first hint Berry is here to stay, for serious. But the newest plot line has me beyond stoked to follow her along to NYC. Ready for it? A new boo.

Yup -- get this: seems that Rachel Berry is going to have a potential new love interest played by a studly actor named Dean Geyer. OK, so there's no denying that he is super super good looking! But hello!? Can we all please freak out now!?



I get it. Maybe the producers of the show think that Lea Michele and Cory Monteith are getting enough time off the small screen canoodling that they don't need it on Glee. Maybe Finn is actually heading off to the Army. I guess we just really don't know.

I'll admit it: The part of me that wants best for Rachel thinks that a new man would be good for her and the plot line. I want to see what happens when the girl from Lima, Ohio goes on epic first dates here in the Big Apple. I want to see the show take some sick adventures to some of NYC's best date spots (cruise on the Hudson River, anyone?). Alas, I guess only time will tell.

Personally, I couldn't be happier about the possibilities that lay ahead for season 4. Oh, and the fact that Dean Geyer has abs that I could stare at for days ... or just every Thursday night.

Do you think Rachel will pursue her new love interest? Would you miss Finchel?


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