'True Blood' Recap: Eric & Bill Are Gonna Have One Hell of a 'Fangover' (VIDEO)

russell edgingtonIf only Russell Edgington were there to grab the mike every time some wannabe in a bar tried to sing "You Light Up My Life." Because THAT was funny. Although the carnage that followed on tonight's episode of True Blood was somewhat less funny, but I guess that's what happens when vampires are DUI: Drinking (Blood) Under the Influence ... of ... the sacred blood of Lilith!!

That's right, I'm talking about the stuff in that fancy little vial in that fancy little glass box Roman kept making the Authority members worship or whatever. Roman said the blood was "symbolic," but now that Roman is no longer with us ... SPOILER ALERT!!!


Salome and Nora, having outed themselves as Sanguinistas (Salome is the one who dug Russell up!), say the blood really IS from Lilith and to prove it to all the skeptics (read: Bill and Eric), they're all gonna drink just a little bit and see what happens.

What happened was a big crazy mess. Vampires on drugs are bad, 'mkay? (Although quite entertaining.) Bill and Eric and Co. be tripping hardcore, yo! And talk about the munchies. I'm pretty sure they drained that entire bar by the end of the episode ... when Lilith showed up!! But was that Lilith?! Cause then Godric appeared, and he told Eric what was happening was "wrong." But Lilith is, like, the vampire goddess, right? So maybe the naked chick who rose up out of the blood puddle was an imposter. An evil Lilith. Or is Lilith supposed to be evil anyways?

So many questions! My head is swimming like a drunken vampire's, ugh! And I have a feeling the fangover is gonna suck.

Did you see tonight's episode? Do you think that was really Lilith?

Image via HBO

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