'DWTS' Cheryl Burke's New Boyfriend Is Not Good for the Show

Cheryl BurkeDancing With the Stars is one of those shows people watch because it's hot. Viewers love to see sexy people shake it. They love to see them partner up and smolder and they looove to speculate over who is getting it on in real life.

Cheryl Burke is the sexiest dancer of all and she, somehow, inevitably, is always paired with a sexy man. There have been rumors about Burke with Drew Lachey, Gilles Marini, and just about every partner she has had (including the hottest of them all -- William Levy) and now she has a boyfriend. Uh-oh.

Burke is rumored to be dating NHL player Joffrey Lupul. Good for her, but bad for ABC, right?


The speculation makes me worried for the new season. Hey, kudos to Burke who has a man (finally!), but the whole "are they or aren't they?" is part of the appeal of the show. If Burke is all committed to one dude, then what? Will we really wonder whom she is sleeping with anymore or has that ship sailed?

She is going to have to get single and fast, am I right? Although, who am I kidding? Drew Lachey was/is married and that didn't stop the rumors with him.

There is something about Cheryl Burke that will always make us wonder just a little bit. Do they mambo that well on the mattress or is that all for the dance floor only? She is a show woman, that's for sure. She can make it look like she is sleeping with anyone.

A little shake of the hips and a toss of the head and Burke can make us all think that flirtation is on the dance floor -- and up against the sink, on the kitchen counter, and in the bathtub, too. Whew. Is it hot in here or what?

Don't do this to us, Cheryl!

Do you think Cheryl Burke's relationship will hurt ratings?


Image via ABC

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