Kate Middleton's Wedding Dress Exhibit Makes More Than $15 Million

Kate MiddletonKate Middleton's wedding dress, it's kind of a big deal. Yeah yeah, it had that whole Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen factor going for it. On the big day, EVERYONE was anticipating its big reveal. Get this: the dress is SUCH a big deal that 626,678+ people have come to see if after its big debut! Middleton's dress was put in a 73-day exhibit for fans to come see from all over the world. The latest news? The wedding dress exhibit raked in $15.7 million in ticket sales. Holy crap! And people get on good ol' Kate for the fact that Prince Charles buys her clothes! Seems like she's contributing pretty well herself.

Like I said, the dress is cool. Heck, the lace detailing is exquisite and the v-necked gem fit the Duchess like a charm. Would I pay to go see it? If I was in the area, definitely. Actually, there are a whole slew of other crazy looks from big celebrities I'd spend a few bucks to see.

Like that meat dress, for instance.


Of course, Lady Gaga's meat dress would have to be put on exhibition through some sort of see-through refrigerator, but I'd love to try to get a look at that stitching up close.

Other wacky numbers I'd love to look at? Britney Spears' diamond-crusted skin-tone body suit she wore to an MTV Video Music Awards back in the day, that swan Bjork wore to the 73rd Academy Awards, and ooooh -- that Smurf dress Katy Perry rocked in New York City last year.

Yeah yeah, I get it. None of these articles are exactly royal. That doesn't mean they wouldn't be cool to see, though! I say we get some of the best fashions from the past decade together in one big museum. With free admission. Who's with me?!

What crazy outfits would you pay to see? Were you lucky enough to catch a look at Kate's wedding dress?


Image via whitneyinchicago/Flickr

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